Crystal Nvision Temperature Module, RTD

The Crystal Nvision RTD Temperature module gets paired with a Crystal Nvision Base unit to combine with a pressure sensor to create a Digital-Style Barton Recorder.

All RTD Modules come included with an RTD Probe.

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Software - Access, view, and export your data with DataViewer.
Customizable Screens - Sort, enable, and assign numbers to screens to match the way you work.
Custom Units - Disable the units you do not need and define a custom unit for your application.
Safety Start-up Screen - Prompt users to acknowledge a custom safety message with the press of a button, before using the nVision.
DataViewer - Graph & zoom in on any data run. Format your graph, then export to a signed or unsigned PDF, CSV, or Excel file.
Tamper-Proof Digital Records - Securely export your digital recording directly into an industrystandard, signed PDF.
Record - Start nVision recordings directly from your PC.

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