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North Star VD-150 High Voltage Probe, 10,000:1

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High voltage measurements have a variety of different requirements, and our PVM series and VD series probes are designed for most of these requirements. The PVM probes are designed for wide bandwidth and ease of portability where a variety of measurements must be made. The VD series probes are designed for use at higher voltage ranges, and where physical stability is required.

The design of the probes is unique. The probe comes fully adjusted without any requirement to further adjust the probe in the field. Stray capacitances internal to the probe are factory calibrated. Stray capacitances due to proximity effects are minimized by the unique conductor placement.

Low temperature and voltage coefficient resistors and capacitors are used throughout the probe to provide maximum measurement accuracy. The probe has a rugged nylon housing, and it is filled with dielectric oil for maximum high voltage stability.


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