Megger Digiphone + digiPHONE for Arc Flash

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Digiphone +

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Adiradh Energy offers Megger make Surge wave receiver ModeldigiPHONE+ for acoustic and electromagnetic fault pinpointing,Perfect acoustic quality and noise immunity,Automatic mute function to protect your ears,Bright, transflective sun readable display ,Easy handling with automatic adjustment,Earphone volume limitation to 84 dB(A) The second silent technology in the new digiPHONE+: as soon as one approaches the handle, the sound switches off before the hand touches it, no more cracks or bangs. After removing the hand, a short delay ensures that the digi-PHONE+ sensor is standing stable and possible mechanical oscillations have ceased, before the headset is activated.HousingThe new housing concept of the sensor in connection with a floating microphone suspension reduces the body sound of the sensor itself and provides a stable base for the digiPHONE+ sensor, even on sloped surfaces.Tracing The left-right indication keeps the operator on top of the cable, and a compass indicates the fault direction. Distance to the fault can be displayed in meters/feet.The acoustic method is applied for precise pin-pointing of the cable fault.


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