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High Voltage Inc. DTS-60D Oil DielectricTester, 60kV

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The DTS-60D and DTS-60DF are CE Marked liquid dielectric test sets, typically used for testing the breakdown voltage level of insulating oils, hydraulic oils, and other dielectric fluids per the most common world standards including ASTM D-877, ASTM D1816, and IEC 156. Three user-selectable automatic voltage rates-of-rise, and automatic voltage shutdown with the meter indicating the breakdown voltage of the insulating liquid under test. Its durable aluminum construction, small footprint, a removable oil drip tray and rugged design make our DTS series ideal for field, factory, or laboratory use.

  • Three motorized rates of rise: 500V/2000V/3000V per second
  • Arc detection with automatic shutdown and failure indicator
  • Window panel for test observation
  • Convenient removable tray for test cell storage
  • Convenient removable drip tray in bottom of test chamber
  • Accessory outlet located within test chamber
  • One-piece portable design
  • Zero Start safety and test chamber interlock provision

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