Honeywell TL-2055 UV/IR Test Lamp

Suitable for virtually all UV, IR and UV/IR flame detectors • 0,3-0,6 meter (1-2 ft) test range for generic UV, IR and UV/IR flame detectors • Up to 5 meters (16 ft) Test Range for Fire Sentry FS18X, FS20X en FS24X flame detectors Light weight: only 2.1 kg (4.5 lbs) • Standard with universal charger 100-240 Vac with pins for US, EU, GB en AU

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The Honeywell Analytic’s Flame Detector Test Lamp TL-2055X for applications in hazardous areas activates UV, IR and UV/IR Flame detectors that detect at 185-235 nm UV, near IR, wideband IR and 4.4 μ IR radiation.

For these UV, IR and UV/IR the test range is 30-60 cm (1-2 ft). For Fire Sentry FSX detectors FS24X (IR3), FS18X (IR2) and FS20X (IR/IR/UV) the range is up to 5 m (16 ft). Most IR Flame detectors have an extra alarm criterion through analyzing the flicker frequency of a fire. This is the reason why the test lamp emits pulsing light.

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