EuroSMC Raptor SL Primary Current Injector, Slave

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Raptor SL

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  • 8-kVA Primary Injection Test System up to 15,000 A
  • Regulated high AC current output. Able to inject up to 3.8kA (with 3kVA) indefinitely or 9.5kA (with 2kVA) during 3s. Up to 15kA when combined with one or more slave units
  • Regulated AC auxilliary output. Working in current mode is capable of injecting up to 9 A indefinitely or 35A for 3s. Working in Voltage mode is capable of generating voltage up to 200V AC
  • Voltmeter Input. Ranges: 0.2, 2, 20 or 300Vac/dc (auto or manual). Built-in phase angle meter
  • Ammeter input. Ranges: 0.2, 2 or 20Aac/dc (auto or manual). Built-in phase angle meter
  • Low signal Voltmeter. Ranges: 30, 300 or 3000 mVac/dc (auto or manual). Built-in phase angle meter
  • Binary input: Voltage or dry contact with reversible logic (NO, NC) and auto-detection
  • LEDs: Monitor overload, temperature, status of communications, standby, digital input, power output and power supply
  • IRDA interface: Interconnects Slave units to the Master wirelessly

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