EuroSMC Raptor MS Primary Current Injector, Master

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Raptor MS

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Composed by a Raptor master and a console, the Raptor C-05 is the smallest fully functional Raptor configuration. It is adequate for numerous test and measurement functions involving medium- to moderate current and where the distance to the tested device is not a factor, as when testing MCBs or medium-sized MCCBs. The Raptor C-05 can comfortably work in the range of 500 A using a narrow connection (around 25 sq. mm), which also enables the user to make two or more turns through the pass-through hole to increase the compliance voltage when testing on higher loads.

The output frequency can be varied between 20 and 400 Hz, which allows the filtering of undesired interferences from the surrounding high voltage when doing precise, small magnitude measurements.

The auxiliary output, binary input and measurement functions are automatically configured by the standard set of test templates, so the user only needs to enter one or two parameters to easily test a transformer, a circuit breaker or a protective relay to mention just a few examples.

This functionality is standard in the Raptor master, so it is available also in more powerful Raptor configurations.


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