With its color monitor and internal memory the GL900 is a self-contained, compact, lightweight, multi-channel data logger with 8 analog measurement channels, each with input-to-output and channel-to-channel isolation. Measurements per channel of 20mV to 500V FS across 14 programmable ranges allow the GL900 to adapt to a wide range of signal types, including thermocouple-based temperatures (K,J,E,T,R,S,B,N,W) and process current (4-20 mA). Up to four pulse channels can count and measure speed using an optional cable, and Humidity measurements are also possible with an optional sensor. The GL900 may be configured to trigger up to four different alarm outputs as a function of measured values.

The GL900 allows data to be recorded to internal high-speed volatile RAM memory (64 MB) at rates as fast as 100,000 Hz. The unit also provides built-in non-volatile memory (256 MB) and accepts external USB flash drives (2 GB maximum file size) for lower speed sampling as fast as 1,000 Hz. The minimum sample rate for all memory configurations is one sample per minute.

The GL900 features built-in USB and Ethernet ports to facilitate data transfer to a connected PC either in real time or from its memory for analysis and archiving. Measurement protocols may also be uploaded from the PC to the instrument. An optional battery pack allows power-independent operation and failsafe measurement continuity during a power failure.

  • Includes a GL900 data logger, an AC adapter, an NIST-traceable calibration certificate, and software on CD
  • Built-in 5.7" TFT LCD Color Display
  • Stand-alone or PC-connected operation
  • High-speed Sampling
  • Analog channel isolation
  • 20mV to 500V full-scale measurements
  • Four alarm outputs
  • Optional battery pack
  • USB and Ethernet PC interfaces.
  • Programmable measurements per analog channel:
    • 15 voltage ranges over ±20 mV to ±500 V full scale
    • Type J,K,T,R,S,B,E,N,W thermocouples
    • PT100, PT1000 3-wire RTD
  • Four discrete/counter/frequency input channels
  • Four alarm outputs
  • Sample rates up to 100 kHz per channel


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