Fluke DTX Quad OTDR & Loss Length Kit

The Fluke Networks DTX-OTDR/LL-KIT is a complete OTDR Loss Length Kit for DTX Series owners. This DTX Kit features complete fiber certification and troubleshooting capabilities for technicians and contractors.

DTX Compact OTDR & Loss Length Kit: Includes Sets of Multimode DTX MFM2 and Singlemode DTX SFM2 Fiber (loss/length) modules, DTX Compact OTDR Module, launch fibers, accessories and carrying case.

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Product Features:

  • Select the Fluke Networks DTX-OTDR/LL-KIT DTX Compact OTDR and Complete Loss/Length Kit if you own a DTX CableAnalyzer without fiber capability. It features an OTDR module with accessories that provide complete fiber certification and troubleshooting.
  • The DTX Compact OTDR is a full-featured module that snaps quickly onto the back of a DTX CableAnalyzer mainframe. It transforms the popular copper tester into a fully functioning optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) capable of testing both multimode and singlemode fiber. The powerful module makes the CableAnalyzer the only copper cable certification and diagnostic tester that can also perform OTDR testing.
  • This versatile combination provides unmatched ease of use for premises fiber testing. OTDR functionality will make your team become fiber testing and troubleshooting experts. Powerful, single-ended OTDR accelerates troubleshooting. Shoot and analyze traces on singlemode and multimode fiber at 850, 1300, 1310 and 1550 nm. Features fiber and extensive automatic OTDR settings, loss limits for events and fiber links, launch fiber compensation, automatic event analysis and results management. Use this revolutionary test platform to diagnose hard-to-find fiber failures. Perform extended OTDR trace certification. Resolve simple cable faults and polarity problems with built-in VFL.
  • Includes DTX Compact OTDR module, fiber accessories, launch fibers, Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit, multimode and singlemode fiber (loss/length) module sets and carrying case for OTDR with accessories. One-year warranty.

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