• Extech 407860 Heavy Duty Vibration Meter

    Applications: Motors, bearings, fans, pumps, rotating machinery, plant maintenance Ranges — Acceleration (peak): 656ft/s2 (200m/s2), Velocity (peak): 7.87in/s (200mm/s), Displacement (peak-to-peak): 0.078in (2mm) • Remote vibration sensor with magnetic adapter on 39″(1m) cable • Wide frequency range of 10Hz to 1kHz • Resolution to 2ft/s2 (0.5m/s2), 0.02in/s (0.5mm/s), and 0.001in (0.005)mm • Basic accuracy of Read more
  • Lamerholm Electronics RD298

    Features: – Built in temperature sensor – Three built in accelerometers – Completely self contained (battery operated) – Velocity or acceleration measurements – Adjustable Warning and alarm thresholds – Low cost standard C size lithium or alkaline – LED operation, warning and alarm status indicators – Date and time stamping – RF screened and CE Read more
  • Shock Watch ShockLog 248-10G

    The ShockLog 248 impact recorder can be configured to monitor  critical parameters, including high and low alarm set points, providing  an unmistakable alert that impact to a shipment, equipment, or building may have compromised its integrity, performance, or safe operation.
  • VMI SpectraPro Blue

    Blue software key Features: – This key gives the user the possibility to create routes that can be downloaded to Easy-Viber. – Because Easy-Viber is a route instrument it must be used together with SpectraPro blue key. – With this key the user can have the database somewhere in the network where it can be Read more
  • VMI X-Viber

    Features: -Route -Total Level -Envelope -Bearing Condition value -Analysis -Temperature -Speed -X-Trend software included -Selectable: -Measurement units -Average values -Frequency ranges -Alarm Levels Options : -Balancing with 3 point method -Vector balancing -Level and phase measurements -Spectrum in route -SpectraPro (lite) -software with route and fault frequencies X-Trend Route Software inc.