• Omicron CPC 100 Primary Injection Test Set

    Up to 800 A or 2000 V with up to 5 kVA over a frequency range of 15 Hz – 400 Hz or 400 A DC Excellent interference suppression facilitates measurement of small signals Easy to transport (just 29 kg) – ideal for on-site testing Testing templates, automatically generated testing procedures and test reports Up to Read more
  • Vanguard ATRT-03

    The ATRT-03 determines the transformer turns ratio by accurately measuring  the voltage across the unloaded transformer winding and then dislaying the ratio of those voltages.The ATRT-03 calibrates each measurment to ensure the turns-ratio accuracy. The ATRT-03 also measures the transformer excitation current and phase angle. Test results are displayed simutaneously on a LCD display as Read more