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  • Fluke 3140R

    Fluke Power Quality Current Transformers are specially designed to work seamlessly with Fluke Power Quality / RPM Full Disclosure Power Monitors. All Clamp-on CT’s are matched to take full advantage of your instrument’s ability to set scale factors for accurate readings.
  • Fluke i2000PQ4

    A pack of 4 pieces of the i2000 current clamp, to be used for high current measurements. The Flex clamp fits around bus bars and large or hard-to-reach conductors. This 4-pack is perfect for use with 3-phase tools such as the Fluke 433 or Fluke 434. -Each clamp has two ranges: 200 A & 2000A, Read more
  • Fluke i400S

    Features: – AC current clamp for oscilloscopes and power quality analyzers – Pair a current clamp with your scope or power quality meter to measure up to 400 A AC – Only current clamp available with a CAT IV 600 V / CAT II 1000 V safety rating makes them ideal companions for modern CAT Read more
  • Fluke i5S

    Expand the use of your Fluke 430 series power quality tool with this 5 A ac current clamp, specially configured to provide low current accuracy while taking measurements on secondary current transformers. -Low level current clamp measures up to 5 A ac -Compact shape makes transporting and storing convenient; the clamp measures only 116 x Read more