• AEMC 6250

    Features Measures from 0.001mΩ (1µΩ resolution) to 2500.0Ω Test current selection of 1mA, 10mA, 100mA, 1A and 10A RTD temperature probe to check tested sample (optional) Selectable metal types Automatic and manual temperature correction EMF levels measured and eliminated in measurement Two programmable alarm set points Stores up to 1500 test results Selectable Inductive and Read more
  • Broman 210

    The Broman 210 Contact Resistance Test Set is a portable 120 volt operated instrument designed to measure the resistance of high current devices, such as circuit breakers and busbar interconnections whose resistance is normanly in the microhm range.   A self-calibrating feature is incorporated to permit convenient checking of the overall calibration without referance to external Read more